Author: Two Cloves In A Pot

Main Dish

Aloo Matar Keema (Potatoes, Peas, and Ground Beef Curry)

Vaquas – I’m back with a new recipe it’s Aloo matar Keema (Potatoes, Peas and Ground Beef Curry). This is a classic in every SouthAsian household. It’s mainly originated in North India and spread through Pakistan. My mom used to cook this recipe at least once every few weeks. This falls under the category of […]

Main Dish

Spicy Chicken Sandwich

Sarah: I’m back with a new recipe, it’s my brother’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich recipe. This recipe is invented in 2020 quarantine era. I told him to open his own restaurant serving this spicy chicken sandwich, YUP! it’s that good. It’s yummy and easy. Spicy Chicken Sandwich is a juicy and delicious sandwich. It’s a family […]

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