Sarah’s Guacamole (Total time 7 min)

Sarah- I love Guacamole. It’s a strong statement when I use the word LOVE. Isn’t it funny how you tastebuds develop as you grow older. I can’t believe I never touch an avocado in my teen or twenties. However, in my thirties, […]

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Raita (Total Time: 5 minutes)

Sarah – This week Vaquas gave you guys the recipe of Instant Pot Beef Pilao (Beef Pilaf). In that blog post, he mentioned that the beef pilaf goes great with a raita and/or garlic red chilli chutney. I am here to tell […]

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Instant Pot Beef Pulao (Beef Pilaf)

Vaquas – Hi! I’m back with a new recipe for you. It’s Instant pot beef Pulao (Beef Pilaf). This beef pilaf is a mughlai punjabi dish. It’s very popular in northern India and punjab. My method is very traditional yet simple. The […]

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One Pot Yogurt Chicken Curry

Sarah- First of all Happy New Year! Hope you all are having an awesome year so far, I hope it gets better and better by the day as the year goes on.This week’s recipe is Yogurt Chicken Curry is my favorite chicken […]

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