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Hello friend,

Thanks for stopping by. Our names are Sarah & Vaquas. We are husband and wife team working on this blog.

Sarah: I’m a Pakistani American. I had no interest in cooking and baking before marriage. I moved to Switzerland from US because Vaquas was living there. Being away from home, I really missed my mother’s cooking, so that begin my vast interest  in cooking and baking. When we moved back to America, I started missing my European favorites so I started learning and cooking those as well. Luckily, Vaquas is a big foodie like me so we love trying every kind of food that taste good. I hope to take you along my journey of different recipes. I always wanted to have that same traditional taste in all my recipes,  we always give out our famous yet secret recipes that belong to our families for generations. I never experiment with our family recipes because that’s the only taste we grew up eating and we love that taste. I hope when you try out my recipes so you also can find  the same traditional taste that I grew up on. Lastly, I want to thank you for taking the time and visiting our blog. Much Love. 

Vaquas: Hi there! I’m from New Delhi, India. I lived in Paris after leaving India in 2003, from there I begin missing Indian/desi food. I started experimenting with different Indian spices to bring that Delhi taste into Paris then I continued that when I moved to Switzerland. I have been cooking since 2003. That’s a little about me, I hope you enjoy our recipes. I hope to get know you as well through our blogging journey. 


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Much Love,

Sarah & Vaquas

Two Cloves In A Pot

Much Love and Be Safe!

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