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Thanks for stopping by. Our names are Sarah Mirza & Vaquas Saleem. We are a passionate, food-loving husband and wife duo working on this blog.

Sarah: I’m a proud Pakistani American, and, admittedly, before my marriage I had absolutely no interest in cooking and baking. However, after I got married, I moved to Switzerland to join Vaquas there, but the solitude from my family bred a yearning for my mother’s home-cooked meals. These intense feelings sparked my initial interest in cooking and baking, and when I moved back to America the same feelings inundated me, but this time for my European favorites. Fortuitously, Vaquas and I both are huge foodies; from Switzerland to France to the various parts of America, we are enamored of trying any and all types of cuisine. What I’ve learned from my forays into tasting and cooking food is the importance of preserving a recipe’s authenticity, especially when it’s been passed down generations. This aim for authenticity lies at the crux of each of my recipes, which have remained unchanged ever since they were furnished by my abao ajdaad — my ancestors. I sincerely hope that when you try my recipes, you’re able to wander blissfully down a cultural memory lane and experience the authenticity and tradition that I and so many others grew up cherishing. Thank you, truly, for visiting our blog, and much love to you. 

Vaquas: Hi there! I’m from New Delhi, India. I lived in Paris after leaving India in 2003, and, as thankful as I am for my academic and personal development, I certainly felt a longing for my desi cuisine. Therefore, I tried experimenting with various Indian spices and foods to attempt to bring Delhi to Paris, a passion-turned-pastime which continued as I moved to Switzerland. Marrying Sarah only expanded our collective journeying through the culinary realm, as we tasted and prepared countless dishes together. Sarah mentioned many of the important points I would have gotten to anyways, particularly about the authenticity of dishes, so I won’t reiterate them. But, I think it’s important to note that anyone, irrespective of profession or interests, can be a lover of food and cooking. Sarah and I differ in many ways, but are still conjoined by this shared passion to explore, expand, and cultivate our culinary passion. As viewers of this page, I hope that we inspire you to not only eat delicious foods, but also to venture out and try new things. Thank you, and I genuinely hope you are able to extract some form of value from our blog.  


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Sarah & Vaquas

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Much Love and Be Safe!

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