Instant Pot Moong and Masoor Daal (lentils)

Sarah– This recipe is all about combining two lentils and coming up with one of great taste. It’s an easy and quick recipe. Ever since I was a kid, Daal Chawal (rice) has always been my favorite. This recipe is toddler approved. […]

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Panna Cotta (original)

Sarah & Vaquas  – We fell in love with Panna Cotta when we visited a Swiss village called Masssagno, just outside of Lugano. It’s located in southern Switzerland, the Italian part of Swiss. Panna Cotta is a famous Italian dessert. This dessert […]

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*Shahi Paneer Makhni* (Better than any restaurant) Total time: 25 minutes!!!

Vaquas – Shahi Paneer Makhni or paneer butter masala is a well known dish in north Indian cuisine. Cubes of homemade or pre-packaged Indian cheese cubes  in tomato-cream sauce. Anybody who is familiar with north Indian cuisine can tell you it’s a […]

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